The David Sassoon Library houses one of the oldest living Library and Reading rooms in use in Mumbai. Members of all age groups visit it as it is conveniently located in the Fort Area in an old business district in the city of Mumbai. The Library has been listed as a Grade heritage structure within the Fort precinct and the Museum sub-precinct as per the Heritage Regulations of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (1995). A group of young mechanics and foremen of the Royal Mint and Government Dockyard established a museum and library for mechanical models and architectural design, in 1847, which led to the creation of the Sassoon Library. In 1863, Sir David Sassoon, a leading banker of Mumbai, contributed Rs.60,000/- to the government to build a Mechanic's Institute, now called the David Sassoon Library. This Venetian Gothic styled structure, completed in 1870, forms part of an important ensemble of buildings, that are crucial for the image of the Fort Area. The library today still boasts of growing membership. It houses a large collection of very rare old books. The reading room is frequented often by working students due to its convenient location in the heart of the business district. In 1996, on the occasion of its 150 Anniversary, an extensive fund-raising exercise was undertaken for the first major restoration efforts carried out to the Library. The Restoration process dealt largely with undoing the damages caused to the building with all the additions urgent restoration tasks were attended to. However, it was found that after eight years many of the unattended areas needed urgent attention. Hence, rather than the earlier fragmented approach, there is a need to collect a sufficient corpus for restoration and work towards a comprehensive restoration program for the Library. It would ensure that all the restoration tasks are attended to and carried out under strict supervision of the consultants within a structured time frame.

Past Presidents List
1847-1856 Mr. Sir T Erskine Perry. Kt.
1856-1858 Mr. James J Berkley
1858-1861 Mr. George Buist
1861-1863 Col. H J Barr
1863-1864 Col. J A Ballard
1864-1865 Mr. J G T Scott
1865-1866 Captain W C Barker
1866-1867 Mr. A T Crawford
1867-1868 Captain John W Young
1868-1871 Mr. A T Crawford
1871-1874 Mr. Thomas Ormiston
1874-1876 Major G L C Merewether
1876-1877 Mr. Francis Mathew
1877-1878 Mr. S S Soloman
1878-1881 Mr. Francis Mathew
1881-1886 Mr. A W Forde
1886-1891 Col. G L C Merewether
1891-1893 Mr. H A Acworth
1893-1894 Mr. W L Harvey
1894-1895 Mr. H A Acworth
1895-1898 Brigade Surgeon Lt. Col. G Waters
1898-1904 Sir Lawrence Jenkins K T
1904-1905 Mr. Khan Bahadur M C Murzban
1905-1906 Justice L P Russell
1906-1907 Mr. S E Shellim
1907-1910 Justice L P Russell
1910-1913 Mr. Khan Bahadur M C Murzban
1913-1914 Mr. S E Nissim
1914-1915 Mr. Khan Bahadur M C Murzban
1915-1918 Mr. S E Nissim
1918-1919 Mr. Meyer Nissim
1919-1921 Mr. Mirza A A Khan
1921-1922 Mr. J D Pember
1922-1923 Mr. Meyer Nissim
1923-1924 Mr. J A Guider
1924-1941 Mr. Meyer Nissim
1941-1957 Mr. Rao Bahadur R B Patel
1957-1966 Mr. Oscar H Brown
1966-1969 Mr. Vithal Balkrishna Gandhi
1969-1973 Mr. R P Madon
1973-1974 Mr. S M C Pinto
1974-1978 Mr. R P Madon
1978-1980 Mr. Ram P Sirdeshpande
1980-1981 Mr. Gangadhar S Sanghavi
1981-1983 Mr. Jal H A Vakil
1983-1984 Mr. Bindeshwariprasad Sinha
1984-1989 Mr. Madhukar B Keni
1989-1991 Mr. Ramchandra H Ajgaonkar
1991-1993 Mr. Ram P Sirdeshpande
1993-1995 Mr. Madhukar B Keni
1995-1999 Mr. Vivekanand R Ajgaonkar
1999 Mr. Vivekanand R Ajgaonkar (President Emeritus)
1999-2003 Mr. Himanshoo B Mody
2003-2007 Mr. Jagdish N Joshi
2007-2009 Mr. Himanshoo B Mody
2009-2013 Mr. Jagdish N Joshi
2013-2015 Mr. Vivekanand R Ajgaonkar
Managing Committee 2017-2019
Sr No. Name Designation
1. Mr. Hemant P Bhalekar PRESIDENT
2. Mr. Kaushik M Oza VICE-PRESIDENT
3. Ms. Swati L Kapadia HON.SECRETARY
4. Mr. Vaibhav R Haldankar HON.TREASURER
5. Mr. Ramdas D Thorat ASST. HON.SECRETARY
6. Mr. Macchindra H Gaikwad COMMITTEE MEMBER
7. Mr. Kirtikumar M Oza COMMITTEE MEMBER
8. Mr. Sameer R Sinkar COMMITTEE MEMBER
9. Mr. Ramesh B JaiswalCOMMITTEE MEMBER
10. Mr. Baldev M Singh COMMITTEE MEMBER
11. Mr. Rajesh A Kanojia COMMITTEE MEMBER
12. Mr. Naresh R Kulabkar COMMITTEE MEMBER
13. Mr. S Kumar Radhakrishnan COMMITTEE MEMBER
14. Mr. Shrinus S Yellala COMMITTEE MEMBER
15. MR. Solomon F Sopher NOMINATED MEMBER
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  • Audited Accounts FY 2016-17
  • Annual General Body Meeting of the David Sassoon Library and Reading Room will be held on 21st August, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the Library Hall.According to Rule No. 29 of the Constitution of Library a member desirous of bringing any Resolution/Business before the A.G.M is requested to give 10(Ten) clear days notice before the date of the meeting.Members are therefore informed that their resolutions should reach the Hon. Secretary’s Office before 6:00 p.m. on 11th August, 2017. The date of th
  • David Sassoon Library Facebook Page Launched. www.facebook.com/davidsassoonlibrary
  • New Web Site Launch
  • The schedule for filing of nominations etc. for contesting the elections for the office of President, Vice-President and Twelve members of the Managing Committee for 2017-2019 is as follows:- 1.Filing Nomination papers by the members eligible for contesting election for the office of President, Vice-President and twelve vacancies of the years 2017-2019 to be submitted in the office of the Library. 07th July,2017 to 17th July, 2017 till 6:00 p.m. 2.Last date of accepting Nomination Papers. 17
  •    CHAI PE CHARCHA Date : Nov. 25, 2017 Day : Saturday Time : 6:30 p.m. Speaker : Adv. Mr. Siddharth Shah Our Member and Eminent Jurist Topic : Matrimonial Law in India
  • The David Sassoon Library & Reading Room, in association with Gujarati daily "MUMBAI SAMACHAR" and our Life Member, Dr. Sudhir Shah, Ms. Sangeeta Joshi will hold literature events for promotion of Gujarati language in the David Sassoon Library Garden on 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th April 2016 between 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. Members are requested to attend and take advantage of these programmes.
  • Members are hereby inform that due to space problem instead of putting up in the Notice Board eligible voter’s list is kept in the file available at the counter. Kindly check up your names and eligibility in the list and if there is any discrepancy please bring it to the notice of the office.
  •   10th November, 2017 N O T I C E The below mentioned program has been re-scheduled as below CHAI PE CHARCHA Date : Nov.18, 2017 Day : Saturday Time : 6:30 p.m. Venue : Garden,Gazebo Speaker : C.A.Kishore Gadkari Our Life Member Topic :The Art of Living
  • 04th July, 2017 N O T I C E It has been decided by the Managing Committee Meeting to hold the Managing Committee Election on 19th August, 2017 and 21st August, 2017 to elect the President, Vice-President and Twelve members of the Managing Committee for the years 2017-2019 for the David Sassoon Library & Reading Room at the ensuing Annual General Meeting to be held on 21st August, 2017. The schedule for filing of nominations etc. for contesting the elections for the office of President,

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